Hair Care

Do's 1) Always wash your hair when you first receive it as it brings back the quality and softness of the hair thats been packaged.


Do's 2) Use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners.


Do's 3) Use a wide tooth comb through your hair from the ends to the root for detangling if necessary.


Do's 4) Aim to air dry your hair as excessive heat can damage the hair and air dying allows the hair to be smoother. If using heat please apply a heat protectant and hair serum to keep the hair nourished and shiny, but use a dime size amount.


Do's 5) Use medium/low heat temperatures on the hair when styling to reduce the likely hood of heat damage and to extend the hairs longevity.


Do's 6) Wash your hair on 1/2 week basis and also prioritise deep conditioning the hair once its been removed.


Don'ts) Do not wash your hair in hot water as it makes the knots and the hair fragile, so aim to use lukewarm water.